A Note and an Excerpt (07/04)

A/N:  Thank you all for your wishes for the journey, I did return home a few days back, but the jet lag has been worse than I expected and I find myself unable to write for long stretches at once. In addition to that, several matters on the home front have been keeping me busy since my return.

I really wanted to give you an update as soon as possible, but since I haven’t been able to add too much to what I had already written in India, I will have to leave you with an excerpt for today, and a promise to post Chapter 8 before the end of this week.

Once again, please accept my apologies for making you wait, I would never have done it if I had any other choice.

Thank you all for your patience!





Excerpt from Chapter Eight





I stare down at her sleeping form, and for a  moment, heated images from last night flash across my mind. 

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that she would actually do what she had done last night, and the memories make me smile, even as my body hardens in response.

I embrace the sexual thoughts and hold on to them with all my might, even as I realize that this is a conscious attempt to escape the other things she has been making me feel before the sensual feast last night.


I don’t want to remember the tenderness she has managed to evoke in me through the last week.

I want to wipe that soul-baring conversation from my memory…the one that I will always associate with the Golden Gate bridge from this point on.


And most of all, I want to shove these new feelings aside…the ones that tell me that sex was never all that was between us.


This isn’t what I had signed up for. I thought that I had been in control of this situation, that everything was happening just the way wanted it to. I had compartmentalized my feelings for her, neatly placing her in the slot marked ‘the wife I lusted after’. To know and realize that the title no longer encompassed all that I felt towards her now is something that makes me intensely uncomfortable even now.

Because if I acknowledge that, I will also have to accept that I have to cede control to something that is out of my experience…and miles from my comfort zone.


I’m not ready to do that yet.

And I don’t know if I ever will be.



In yet another attempt to ignore these harsh truths, I focus on her serene, peaceful countenance.



But then my thoughts are derailed again when I remember that the serenity is actually a facade. From the past few days, I have noticed the shadows in her eyes, the ones she has taken great pains to hide. I have noted the anxiety and the worry, and found myself wondering about the cause.

In some of my more unguarded moments, I have had to restrain myself from shaking the truth out of her. I desperately want to know what’s bothering her…but I want her to confess the truth. I want that trust…I need it.


I know that this isn’t entirely a rational decision, and that soon, I will have to force the issue and find out what the problem is.


Just as that thought passes through my mind, she shifts a little in bed, and my gaze goes back to her sheet-draped body.


Only, it isn’t completely covered like before.


Her movement has dislodged the white satin from her chest, leaving one rounded breast bared to my suddenly ravenous gaze.  Her arm is flung out above her head, while her lips are still parted in sleep.


I smile, my body tightening as I reach down for her.

Keeping my movements slow and unhurried, I grasp the edge of the sheet and bare her to my view. She shifts again, and I still for a moment. But when her breathing pattern tells me that she is still asleep, I continue until the sheet is now down around her knees.


Leaning down over her, I blow a warm stream of air over one budded nipple and am delighted to see the visible response, even while she is asleep. I place my lips over it and kiss it gently, then move my attentions to it’s ignored twin.


The caress makes her writhe, and her eyelashes flutter as she battles the urge to wake up.


I quickly seize the opportunity to make my way down her pale, delectable body, and stop only when my mouth hovers over the juncture of her thighs. Parting them slightly, I detect the faint, yet unmistakable scent of her arousal immediately. Unable to resist, I touch the damp folds gently, testing…teasing until her eyes fly open.


But they close almost immediately, and I relish the low moan that leaves her throat.


I know that she is awake now, and her hands move to my head as if to prove that fact.


I look down again, already anticipating the taste of her against my tongue.


But the moment is rudely shattered when the phone rings abruptly. Before I can process what’s happening, Khushi has reached for the phone in an instinctive gesture, and I realize from the tortured expression on her face that she really didn’t mean to answer the call at all.


Her voice is husky as she answers, and I grin as I allow my lips to reach their target.






That name makes me jerk my head up in a hurry. Her sister hasn’t been a source of worry to either of us for a while now, and I find myself hoping that this isn’t about to change.

And more than that, I want Khushi to keep to her promise, and make Payal realize that her priorities have changed.


As I watch Khushi’s face while the other woman continues to speak, I inwardly rejoice when I realize that she isn’t really taking in the words at all. 

Her eyes are focused on where my mouth hovers over the most intimate part of her body, and I grin again as I realize where her priority clearly lies at the moment.



“P…Payal? This really isn’t the…best time, I…”



Her words end in a gasp as I finally allow my lips to make contact.

She grips the phone tight with a white-knuckled hand while the other bunches the sheets, and I return to my task with more vigor than strictly necessary.


But her sister hasn’t apparently gotten the hint.

Her voice comes down the line again, and something in me snaps.


I raise my head, even as Khushi’s eyes fly open and she makes a desperate attempt to get through to her sister.



“Payal, I…your voice is breaking up! I can’t really hear you…where are you right now? Can we…do this later?”



She looks up at me, and I know that the last words weren’t directed at her sister.


Everything in me rebels, and I decide to make her forget everything but me for that moment.


Moving up until my lips almost meet hers, I place one hand over the mouthpiece of the phone while I breathe my reply against her mouth.



“Your taste is on my lips, Mrs. Raizada. We aren’t stopping this…not now. But feel free to continue your conversation while I take you…over and over.”



Her eyes widen in shock, and before she can say or do anything, I part her thighs wide and thrust inside in one smooth stroke.


Her strangled gasp echoes through the room, and she drops the phone immediately. 


She meets my eyes with a passion-clouded gaze, and I rest my hips against hers for a moment as she whispers back.



“I…you have to let me cut the call…I can’t talk while I…while we…”



“Too late. You should have done it when you had the chance.”



I withdraw completely, then slam back inside again, and she gasps louder this time.


But when she opens her eyes, they are glittering with need…and a challenge that has nothing to do with her sister, and everything to do with the sultry siren who burned me to cinders last night.



“You aren’t going to win, Arnav.”



“We’ll see about that.”



I wait until she reaches for the phone, then lower my lips to her breast and suckle hard, just before I thrust inside her again.


Her hands move quickly to the phone and she hits the ‘mute’ button.

Payal’s frantic voice still comes down the line, and I wonder if she has any idea what her sister is doing at this moment.


I see that  knowledge dawn in Khushi’s eyes as well, and a deep red flush of embarrassment spreads across her face as she looks up at me.


I raise myself on my elbows, pulling out until only the tip lodges inside her.


She looks down at the phone, and her finger hovers over the ‘end’ button.


I see the battle in her eyes, the one where she is caught between the desire to avoid handing me the victory, and her intense embarrassment at the scandalous position she is in.



Before she can choose either way, I grasp her chin and force her eyes down to where we are almost joined.



“Tell me you don’t want that right now.”



I bend my head to her other breast, flicking my tongue across the reddened peak before breathing my next words across her aching flesh.



Tell me.”






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  1. nik1310
    Oct 14, 2016 @ 10:46:07

    Wonderful and hot 😉 How the dynamics have changed…..loving it so far and angry at myself for having been around all this while and missing this. Dumb me !

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  2. namendra60
    May 27, 2014 @ 13:23:07

    Hot & smoking! Arnav’s POV really heated up the update! Its a wonder Khushi still is having this debate of attending to Payal’s call or THIS??!!

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  3. MehreenAli
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 08:01:22

    Truly truly wonderful and worth reading , a beautiful tale…

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  4. Ritika
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 16:00:12

    I cant believe I missed this update… Y didnt I get a PM … 😦

    Any wayz this was hot !!!

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  5. shubhanjlisaxena
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 06:00:47

    Hey dear, waiting for update eagerly, checking every hour. This week is going to end….

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  6. Kiwi Kali
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 05:48:54

    The waiting, the waiting…
    I hope I’m not the only one hitting refresh every few minutes.
    But, you know, no pressure or anything ;).

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  7. moumita03
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 04:34:32

    I can’t wait to read 😀

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